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    Toolkit for silverlight

  • Summery
  • With TM Expression, you can quickly build reliable Web-based SCADA systems.
    Bean provides an environment to easily draw communication drivers and screens with various equipment-control-devices (PLC)
    The screen you draw is in the form of a Silverlight and distributed to multiple users through a web server(IIS).
    Users only need to have a web browser.
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  • Product Features
  • · Provides a foundation for quick and easy deployment of monitoring and control environments of automated systems
    · Web-based SCADA system with Silverlight technology, Development of facility monitoring and control system
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    · Support various communication devices : Melsec-A/Q PLC, AB Ethernet, ControlLogix, Micrologix, Siemens S7, Glofa GM, MODBUS,
      Samsung NX7, Aromat Ethernet, GSU, Fix Eda, PLCWare etc.
  • Configuration diagram
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  • product composition
  • · TM Core : Communication of various equipment-control-devices(PLC) and Management of I/O driver and tags, Time machine function.
    · TM Connector : Default program of TM Core configuration program.
    · TM Silverlight Client : Client communication module for communication with TM Core.
    · TM Expression Toolkit : In addition to the Microsoft Expression Blend Tool, Provides TM project / basic TM to users.
  • Build Case
  • Car painting/body line tracking and producing system, Car factory status board system, LNG usage monitoring system, water purification plant monitoring system, incinerator status system, moving room monitoring system, energy integrated monitoring system etc.